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My friend’s son was diagnosed with ADHD and sitting still while in school or at home was always a challenge. Keeping his attention on the things at hand was an uphill battle for not just himself but everyone around. To help him to stay focused I built him a set of swiveling footrests - a crude device, boxy and a bit cumbersome - but he loved it from day one. He carried it with him every day, gave it a name and used it all the time. His teachers allowed him to try it at school and welcomed the difference they saw.

Over time we built and tested different concepts, improved on designs, quietness, and reliability. The final prototypes were given to parents, teachers, and schools with ADHD students and the responses we received were encouraging. Now, even my adult daughter has one under her desk in the office to keep her feet busy and the blood flowing.

We hope it will help you too!

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